Andrea Lenardin madden at an airport hangar

Lenardin’s approach to architecture and design has been shaped by growing up and studying in Vienna, where the visual and performing arts are part of the daily discourse. A sensitivity to the layers of time and meaning that accrue to places is a hallmark of her work, which is forged with an equal commitment to innovation.

Her education in architecture is complemented by professional studies in graphic design, product design, and fashion design. Inspired by the example of the Renaissance architect’s polyvalence and ability to engage all dimensions of a project, Lenardin is driven by the question, “can I do more, only to arrive at less?”

Challenging herself to elicit something particular from the generic, to infuse the mundane with an effortless artfulness, Lenardin’s open-ended approach enables her to devise unique design solutions and execute them with rigor and ingenuity.

Andrea Lenardin Madden AIA
Mag Arch, University of Applied Arts, Vienna | M.Arch, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles
Schindler Fellow | Fulbright Scholar