a l m project takes on new Chobani café concept in TriBeCa.

Corey Lee’s curated culinary crossroads at in situ@SFMOMA set to open June 2016.



a l m dives into summer and a bounty of new projects! July 2015.

Chobani’s modular trade show booth travels to Chicago and Aspen. May and June, 2015.

Chef Corey Lee’s book about his restaurant, benu, includes Andrea’s essay on their collaboration. Published by Phaidon, April 20, 2015.

a l m project celebrates 10 years as architect and creative director for Sprinkles – a decade of shared success! April 13, 2015.

The Schindler House’s online publication features Andrea’s installation, “Looking West Facing East.” March 2015.

Happy 2015!

The annex to the landmarked, Rodney Walker-designed residence on Mulholland Drive is complete. December 2014.

Future Memories

Future Memories was born of Lenardin’s aspiration to create spaces that draw on a reservoir of memories. Because memory plays a critical role in the experiential quality and material life of a space, the studio’s design approach is never about erasing what went before or simply imposing a new “look,” but rather drawing out whatever is lasting and meaningful in an act of authentic placemaking—to honor and reinvigorate what is rooted in the past and to ensure that the work holds the promise of future memories.


Instant Days is premised on the nature of our shared consumer culture, in which experience, objects and content are consumed and conveyed in fleeting images with less and less claim to substance. Playing with the notion of ‘the day as a commodity’, Instant Days imagines life itself as an object to be designed, a work of art that assists, inspires, and enriches emotional being. For Lenardin, the creation of a compelling environment or experience is a matter of putting every aspect of a space or site or product—physical elements as well as experiential qualities—”on stage,” as object and as art.