SQUARE desk system for HEARTWORK is an honoree in Interior Design’s Best of Year awards, in the Product category.

Andrea Lenardin is one of 100 architects from around the world invited to share their personal views on the Bauhaus.

In Situ receives the James beard design award for restaurants 76 and more seats – in collaboration with Aidlin Darling Design San Francisco

james beard award_2018

The Mulholland Drive Residence is featured in Dezeen.


Metropolis announces the launch of Heartwork’s Manhattan showroom.


Pizzana is a finalist in the AIA Los Angeles 2017 Restaurant Design Awards.


The ‘lette boîte carrée is featured in the The Designer’s Dictionary of Color.

The In Situ share plate, menu, and server outfits receive a mention in Metropolis magazine.

The New York Times features a l m’s latest collaboration with chef Corey Lee, In Situ SFMOMA.


Interview magazine features the In Situ share plate.

The ‘lette Boîte Carrée is featured by The Dieline Awards as an Outstanding Achievement, in the Confectionary, Snacks, and Desserts category.


Sam Medina reviews a l m’s practice in a 17 page feature in Metropolis.

Mulholland Drive Annex receives the 2015 AIA Los Angeles Design Merit Award.


Andrea’s essay on process is featured in benu, chef Corey Lee’s book about his restaurant and its inspirations.

Chobani SoHo is an honoree in Interior Design’s Best of Year awards, in the Retail Food category.

The Dieline website features a l m project’s new Cookie Cube for Sprinkles.

A survey of contemporary Viennese art features Andrea’s work.

Featuring the store design of Chobani Soho and Sprinkles Ice Cream.

The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is included on the short list of must-see attractions in Los Angeles.

Sprinkles Frozen Cookie Dough debuts on The O List.

Print Magazine’s 2013 Regional Design Annual recognizes the benu website.

Featuring Chobani packaging.

The Dieline website celebrates Chobani packaging.

Chobani on The Dieline

The Dieline Package Design Awards

Featuring ‘lette Macarons and the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM.

Heartwork Interview

HOW Magazine’s International Design Awards honors Chobani SoHo and Sprinkles Ice Cream for packaging.

NY Spaces

Sprinkles Ice Cream in Beverly Hills wins the AIA Citation Award in the interior architecture category.AIA Award for Sprinkles Ice Cream - Interior Architecture

Describes the MAK Center’s light auction, featuring ‘ID 835’ by a l m project.


Interview with electronic musician and LA architecture blogger Moby, including his post on the a l m -designed ‘Vasanta’ residence.

The California Home + Design website features a l m project’s design for Sprinkles Ice Cream in Beverly Hills.


Q&A with Andrea Lenardin Madden about the design of Sprinkles Ice Cream Beverly Hills.

Featuring the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Featuring Sprinkles Cupcakes New York.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago wins the AIA Merit Award in the interior architecture category.


Featuring Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago, recipient of the AIA Chicago Merit Award in the interior architecture category.

Andrea shares her thoughts on food truck design.

Featuring Sprinkles New York shortly after its opening.

A review of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinkles Mobile at the Los Angeles car show.