Instant Days

1996–1998 Los Angeles Art

Instant Days: an installation at the Schindler House, West Hollywood, CA, 1996. Instant Days introduced the notion of the ‘day as a commodity’, designed to assist, inspire, and enrich a consumer’s life. A powered aluminum apparatus displays vacuum-sealed pouches in an infinite loop, with each day’s pouch containing ‘emotional’ nutritional information.

Instant Days Dispenser: Multiple, Form Zero Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, 1998. The dispenser contains 120 ready-to-consume days in vacuum-sealed pouches containing photographs, memorabilia, and ephemera.

Instant Days Sticker Book: Multiple, SCI Arc Public Access Press, 1998. The sticker book contains 14 ready-to-consume days in a one-of-a-kind vacuum-sealed cover.